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Our History

Since 2008, Systemathics is the leader in innovative software platform for the asset management and the algorithmic trading industry.

Bringing algorithmic investment strategies to production is a complex and tricky process, along which numerous functional and technical issues arise.

How to be sure that, at each step, appropriate choices will be made, leading to P&L generation in the safest and quickest manner?

In order to assist banks, hedge funds, asset managers and proprietary traders in their search for the best response to this question, we at Systemathics have come up with a thorough process and modern technology to accompany our customers through to the production stage.

Transparency is one of the most critical challenges especially for high frequency trading. Every trading decision needs to be understood and auditable.

Salah Elmorry, Founding Partner at "Systemathics"

Systemathics' technology is fully proprietary and protected by French Intellectual Property laws and IDDN deposits.

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