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Best decision at the right time

Because you are an asset manager whose striking success is based on transparency and performance. You aim to optimize your yield on assets and to manage uncertainty and risk.

We do believe you need to focus on your strengths rather than the technology tasks.

So we set up a portfolio management system which brings together compliance, convenience and transparency. This software enables you to raise assets and to have a detailed insight into your clients' portfolio.

By means of its cost-effective solutions and accuracy, you will analyze quickly and more efficiently in order to make the best decision at the right time.

Portfolio Management

Multi-Asset, Multi-Venues and Multi-Strategies for different trading horizons. Take advantage of multiple aggregated liquidity providers. With a smart execution, minimise risk and Maximize the trading effeciency process.

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Validate, optimize and calibrate your models using the same data flow used in production and paper-trading. Export comprehensive post trade data sets for easy analysis.

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Smart Orders

Fully interactive, customizable, auditable and back testable. Combines trading tactics and statistical signals to achieve high execution quality. Enables you to minimise execution risk and maximize the trading effeciency process.

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Create customizable fact sheets for your clients. Provides the necessary analytics to assess the efficiency of strategies : Complete set of exposure and performance measures and technical indicators.

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