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You are keen to identify, backtest and optimize profitable strategies. Systemathics offers you a fully integrated and modular trading platform.

We assist you in gaining hands on experience and rapidly go live with your ideas.

The platform can handle low frequency as well as high frequency strategies. This allows you to run high frequency backtesting, which enhances dramatically the statistical relevance of the tests. Under the same logic, close to close strategies can also benefit from real-time execution and smart orders.

The modules of the suite are developed in code invariance : you will use the same source code for backtest, paper trading and production. This is reduces the elapsed time for implementation project as well as the associated operational risk.

Certified for its interfaces with a number of standard market tools, the platform also provides a fully industrialized and standardized bridge within existing architectures.


Backtest algorithmic trading models; from low to high frequency strategies. Optimize and calibrate models using the same data flow used in production and paper-trading. Export comprehensive post trade data sets for easy analysis.

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Code invariance : reduce operational risk and project implementation. Run strategies for Equities, Forex, Options and Futures using a scalable system. Minimise execution risk, Maximize the trading effeciency process using the smart order library.

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Smart Orders

Fully interactive, customizable, auditable and back testable. Combines trading tactics and statistical signals to achieve high execution quality. Enables you to minimise execution risk and maximize the trading effeciency process.

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Data Mining

Normalize and consolidate historical data for Equities, Forex, Derivatives, Commodities, Fixed Income and more. Combine native exchange data and third-party historical data in a single database.

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Create customizable fact sheets for Excel, pdf and so on. Provides the necessary analytics to assess the efficiency of strategies : Complete set of exposure and performance measures and technical indicators.

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Tick Capture

Multi-Assets / Multi-Venues : store the fundamental data and the order book for all asset classes. Keep your existing symbol naming conventions. Low latency data capture with an open data models and APIs.

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