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Systemathics Smart Orders is the Systemathics algorithmic order execution library. It is fully interactive, customizable and allows users to adjust orders during the execution process.

The Smart Orders allow the automation of rules based trading and combines this with the monitoring of all relative real market data sources and instantly responds to refined statistical signals to achieve high execution quality.


Places orders on the passive side of the order book, moves with the quote to stay at most competitive level but never forming the best quote by itself.


Places orders on the active side of the orderbook, takes all the shares at that price or better to fill the order and moves with the quote to stay at most competitive cross level.


Minimize slippage relative to the Volume Weighted Average Price in the market over a specified time horizon.


Split a big order into many small orders to grab liquidity available on the order book


Minimize risk by Locking the loss.


Maximize and protect a profit.

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